AI Qualitative Data Analysis

135 Pixels has led NLP and AI integration for Qualitative Data Analysis since 2017 and is trusted by firms serving a range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

By automating traditional practices using modern AI and machine learning models, we offer a balanced approach that respects the depth of traditional qualitative analysis while making it faster and more efficient.

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At its core, 135 Pixels utilizes advanced Natural Language Processing and our own machine learning models developed through partnerships with industry leaders and academic researchers.

Clues: Simplifying Qualitative Analysis

Clues is our effort to simplify the process of extracting actionable insights from unstructured data sources, such as interview recordings, survey responses, and social media chatter. It presents users with straightforward insights, or "Clues", into consumer attitudes, backed by relevant quotations for context.

Afterview: Simplifying Interview Analysis

With Afterview, we address the specific challenges of working with interview recordings, making it easier to derive clear, actionable insights. This tool makes it easier for human analysts to work at the speed of AI without sacrificing the depth of manual qualitative analysis.

Autolight: Enhancing Efficiency in Analysis

Autolight aims to make the process of analyzing qualitative data more manageable, complementing Clues' depth by preparing data for detailed examination. This tool saves time and resources, proving integral for researchers aiming to employ AI qualitative data analysis.

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