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In these example Clues you will hear board game players describe their needs and wants on social media

Nostalgia and Sentimentality for Past Board Games

Many consumers have fond memories of playing board games in the past, often associating them with positive experiences and connections with friends and family. There is a sense of nostalgia and sentimentality for these games, which can influence purchasing decisions.

The Match-O-Matic reminds me of the nostalgic Pop-O-Matic Trouble board game from my childhood.
Finding a gently used, "like new" copy of the Picture Picture Board Game on Amazon was a dream come true as it brings back fond memories of playing it with our kids when they were younger.
I have fond memories of playing a board game at a friend's house on his computer about 15 years ago, where you would go around the board, choose a job, and make sure to have enough food
Demand for Strategy-Based Games

There is a significant demand for board games that require strategic thinking and skill, rather than relying solely on chance. Consumers are looking for games that involve negotiation, predicting other players' actions, and adapting tactics.

The WWI-themed board game relies solely on skill and negotiation, with no element of chance involved.
I recently purchased a complex board game on my tablet that involves multiple types of warfare and strategic thinking based on predicting other players' actions and hidden resources.
A new and improved football board game is needed, one that involves strategy and skill rather than relying solely on chance, and I am confident that such a game exists.
Educational Value of Board Games

Consumers value board games for their educational benefits, ranging from teaching basic counting and social skills to young kids, to challenging older players with strategic and financial planning. These games combine entertainment with learning.

An educational board game that promotes counting and interactive skills, ideal for our young children.
An exceptional board game that combines military tactics and financial strategies, allowing us to experience the intensity of World War II and contemplate the potential outcomes if history had taken a different path.
An affordable and popular board game allowed us to gift our 8-year-old son with a challenging and educational present that he truly enjoys.

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