Pristine Qualitative Data for AI

AI can reduce the substantial time and expenses related to analyzing qualitative data.

The catch? Qualitative data is inherently messy, necessitating meticulous preparation.

Autolight extracts key statements, clarifies through paraphrasing, transcribes, and more.

The result? Pristinely formatted, AI-ready data that empowers your use of AI tools like ChatGPT.



Autolight produces a spreadsheet with original statements, paraphrases, automatic topics and source names

Paraphrase Original Topic Source
I have a car GPS unit but rely on my phone's app to reach my destination accurately. * Cell Phones April Survey
Even with updated maps, the device often fails to navigate correctly. * GPS Accuracy April Survey
The battery life is extremely disappointing. * Battery Life Interview #11
I speak clearly without an accent, but the commands aren't always recognized. * Voice Commands Reviews
The GPS is often unaware of road closures and longstanding detours. * GPS Accuracy Interview #11
This device works even when cell service is unavailable, which is reassuring. * Cell Phones Interview #11
The battery has been very poor from the start. * Battery Life Reviews
It reacts well to voice commands but sometimes fails to recognize place names. * Voice Commands April Survey
I use my smartphone too, but prefer this GPS for independence from cell service. * Cell Phones Reviews
The battery life feels weak, not reflecting its high cost. * Battery Life April Survey

How It Works

Securely upload media and documents in any format. Autolight will give you a spreadsheet of data that is clear, compliant, and seamlessly compatible with your AI tools – and easier on humans eyes, too.


Autolight harmonizes data from varied sources into streamlined statements. By removing Personally Identifiable Information (PII), we ensure your dataset's consistency and safeguard privacy. Imagine converting scattered feedback from different platforms into a uniform format ready for analysis.


Our solution goes beyond simple edits, intelligently paraphrasing data for concise and clear communication. Through natural language processing, Autolight maintains the integrity of your information while enhancing readability for humans and AI alike.


Using advanced tagging algorithms, data is categorized by topics, streamlining analysis and accelerating insights. This process creates concise, topic-specific quotes, making them ideal for analysis with tools like ChatGPT without overwhelming them with excessive text.

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